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Syltherm XLT & Syltherm 800
Heat Transfer Fluid

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Syltherm XLT Heat Transfer FluidSyltherm 800 Heat Transfer Fluid

Syltherm Heat Transfer Fluid Properties Charts:

Syltherm 800 Product Brochure 
Size: 864kb

Syltherm 800 Data Sheet 
Size: 24.4kb

Syltherm XLT Product Brochure 
Size: 493kb

Syltherm XLT Data Sheet 
Size: 17.33kb

Syltherm HF Data Sheet 
Size: 19.7kb

Syltherm HF Product Brochure 
Size: 478kb

Syltherm Heat Transfer Fluid MSDS:

Syltherm 800 MSDS
Size: 49.6kb

Syltherm XLT MSDS

Size: 91.5kb

Syltherm HF MSDS
Size: 54.7kb

Loikits Distribution Ltd. is a worldwide distributor for Syltherm heat transfer fluids.  Please consult our Engineering Support Staff for any questions at 610-262-3219.

Syltherm XLT & Syltherm 800 Heat Transfer Fluid

Syltherm XLT and Syltherm 800 are highly stable, long lasting silicone based heat transfer fluids specially formulated for use in low, medium and high temperature systems. Syltherm XLT heat transfer fluid has a recommended use range from -150°F (-101°C) to 500°F (260°C). Syltherm XLT offers outstanding low temperature heat transfer and pump ability, plus excellent thermal stability.

Syltherm 800 heat transfer fluid is also a highly stable, long lasting silicone based product designed for high temperature liquid-phase operation. It has a recommended operating temperature range of -40°F (-40°C) to 750°F (400°C). Operating continuously at the upper end of this range, Syltherm 800 fluid exhibits low potential for fouling and can often remain in service for 10 years or more.

Both Syltherm XLT and Syltherm 800 features include:

  • Low fouling potential

  • Low freeze point

  • High temperature stability

  • Long life

  • Non-corrosive

  • Excellent system material compatibility

  • Low acute oral toxicity

  • Low odor

  • Non-reportable under SARA Title III, Section 313

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